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Coworking Automation Solution

The technology that coworking spaceoperators need to be
successful and membersneed to be engaged. 

Brksly workspace management

Manage Member and Company Data

Brskly seamless integrates all the members and company data which helps in consolidating data at one place and keep a real-time track.

-Organize Member and company accounts
-Capture Leads and opportunities
-Issues tracking
-Drop-in management 


Automate Billing 
and Payments  

Automate your entire billing process in order to save valuable time and make sure that your accounting records are up to date as per accouting standards. 

-Automatic billing and invoicing
-Billing reminder 
-Recurring Invoices
-Import GST complaint CSV
-Deep integration with Accounting software ( upcoming)


Smart meeting room 

Brskly automate the whole meeting room management and excites users with a seamless app based meeting room booking experience. With our solution, you can add and improvise meeting room models and increase revenue from bookings.

-Mobile app based meeting room booking 
-Check meeting room availabity  
-Track ongoing meetings & charge for extended durations
- Integrate meeting rooms with access control 


Impress Members With White-Labeled Apps

Enhance users experience by giving them the a mobile app which helps them to interact with your space and community in real time. Allow them to self-service themselves and keep a track on improtant updates.

- White-labeled Mobile App (iOS and Android)
- In-built meeting rooms module
- Members onboarding and Drop-ins management
- Buzzing community


Improve Visibility and Collaboration in Your Community

With our strong community module you can keep your members engaged and connected all the time. Improve members experience, increase knowledge share & communication and allow members to collaborate in real-time to explore business relations.

-Community members directory
-Events management
-Allow posts in community feed
- Messaging system


BRSKLY's vision to create a cutting-edge iOT enabled cloud based tech-solution for coworking spaces & shared offices that will help them to fully automate the day-to-day tasks thus eliminiating need for manual tracking , increase revenue by empowering them with important data and process automation and provide them with an unmatched control over the centers anytime, anywhere.  


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