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The core idea of Brskly is to provide coworking space owners a low cost, scalable and hassle free all-in-one solution to efficiently manage the coworking space. Our solution elimates the need of a manual tracking and provides a set of features which increases your teams productivity, helps you in better tracking and reduces overheads. It also helps you to optimize revenue with our unique use cases and improves customer retaintion.
During your free trial, we'll give you an access to our admin dashboard and mobile app. With dashboard you can explore all our features and can use it to manage your workspace. Our team will help you with a 1-1 demo and also get feedbacks to improve the solution.
No. Brskly is a fully cloud based solution with world class hosting infrastructure and security. All related costs are already added to your subscription.
Brskly cost is mainly determined by the number of active users and number of locations. Our standard solution comes bundled with a specific set of features and mobile app for users, so you don't have to pay any additional cost for using our standard solution. Additional costing are applicable in below cases- 1. Add-ons 2. Integrations 3. Hardware 4. Any customization 5. Other
For standard solution, it will take just 1 day to fully setup your custom admin dashboard. Mobile apps normally takes 2-3 days android and 5-7 days for iOS. The app timing may vary slightly due to the approval process of android or iOS by their team.
Yes you can. To integrate with third party, we need APIs from your third party vendor along with detailed integration documentations. We will charge a nominal amount for the integration based on the evaluated scope fo work. Also, we already have a few standard integration with payment gateway, IVR, Access control and Accounting

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