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7 Tips for Hiring A Coworking Community Manager in 2021

7 Tips for Hiring A Coworking Community Manager in 2021

“Hire people who are smarter than you are—whose talents surpass yours—and give them opportunities for growth. It’s the smart thing to do and it is a sign of high personal humility. “

Bruna Martinuzzi, Author of The Leader as a Mensch: Become the Kind of Person Others Want to Follow

The above quotation correctly depicts the importance of hiring the right community manager for your coworking space. Managing coworking requires a mix of unique skills such as communication, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, negotiation skills and more.  So finding the right person can become challenging due to lack of talent availability.  

According to market research, by 2030, co-working will expand to 30% of the office market. As the Co-working market is growing, we need multiple branches to tap the expanding member base. For that, we need to hire a proactive and responsible Coworking Community Manager, who is good at decision making and is capable enough to handle the pressure of managing an entire workplace efficiently. 

 A well-thought and smoothly executed hiring routine can add a talented and efficient person to the team. An individual, who can manage co-working space effectively, brings value to your organization. An unsuccessful hiring process can initiate the downfall of your organization. As an undesirable and ineffective candidate in one of the most crucial positions; breaks the growth and spirit of a co-working space.

In this blog, we will be discussing the tips you can hire the Coworking Community Manager for managing your coworking space.

Tips to Hire A Coworking Community Manager

Choose a Responsible Person with Decision-making Ability

Narrate a hypothetical situation to the candidate and bring up some goals. If they can achieve a great game plan, they are most likely to make better independent decisions. That means you will not have to monitor their work all the time. You can leave the workspace on their shoulders as their responsibility. 

He must be the type of person that tends to love networking. A community manager will build a technical platform for all the branches and members of the company.

Set A Decisive Goal

Mention the primary goal of your working space before hiring a Co-working Manager. It could be anything from delivering support to your targeted clients or to improving new business modules by creating content. Therefore, harvest a healthy ecosystem and cultivate relationships.

Decide The Personality You Need

Create a persona of what type of community manager you need. Do they acknowledge the role of co-workers in their success? An overachiever doesn’t ask for your inputs to the organizations? Or an independent responsible individual who optimizes operations to the best? 

From ordering supplies to restocking them, a coworking manager does it all. Shortlist the candidates you need and don’t hire a clown. 

Share Your Company’s Vision and Mission

Mention in the job description the values and the mission of the company. A candidate needs to get hold of the motto and fundamentals of an organization. After a good understanding of it only, he can become a valuable asset. 

It gives a better perspective for the manager to organize better events for the clients. Hire someone who has the same passion as your company does. A Community Manager is a chief person who looks for the future and vision of the coworking space.

Create An Activity For Community Manager

Creating an activity for hiring a community manager is the best way to know their approach to problem-solving. It also shows the comfort level of the community manager in how they handle immense pressure. The activity could be anything like managing a PR event or a short project for a video presentation. Look for a community manager with contrasting skill sets.

Ask Them About Their Promising Projects

Ask them about their most promising projects. Look for the enthusiasm while they speak about their prominent projects. It will make you believe how passionate they are about their Co-working space. And why they consider the project to be successful for the community. A good Coworking manager thinks of new ideas for gathering and host learning events for new members. Compare the energies with other candidates.  

Hire A Data-Driven Person

A community manager should hook on numbers; a highly analytical and data-driven man is important for connecting online. Data is something needed for finding relatability with the targeted audience. Hire a coworking community manager, aware of data manipulation tools like Google Analytics and Amplitude to perform basic analytics.

“The moment you feel you need to tightly manage someone, you have made a hiring mistake. The best people don’t need to get managed. Guided, Taught, Led – yes but not tightly managed. –Jim Collins, researcher & author

Final Thoughts

A good Coworking Manager creates a collaborative and productive environment for work. Loaded with tips for hiring an efficient community manager, now, the time is to choose the right face for your workplace.

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